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A. The statement filed by the city manager, elected official, planning commissioner or candidate under this chapter shall be an accurate representation of the financial affairs of the business interests and sources of income for the officer or the officer’s immediate family, to the extent those sources of income or business interests are ascertainable by the officer or candidate.

B. The statement filed shall include the following information relating to the filer’s immediate family living in the household excluding filer’s dependent children:

1. The source of all income of five thousand dollars ($5,000) during the preceding calendar year, including taxable capital gains, except that a source of income that is a gift must be included if the value of the gift exceeds two hundred fifty dollars ($250);

2. The name and address of each business entity owned or in which an interest was held during the preceding calendar year, including a statement of the nature of the interest owned or held, except that an interest held in a retirement account or an interest of less than five thousand dollars ($5,000) in the stock of a publicly traded corporation need not be included;

3. The name and address of each business in which the filer is an officer, director, manager, or employee during the preceding calendar year;

4. The identity and nature of each interest in real property located within the city limits, including an option to buy, owned at any time during the preceding calendar year;

5. A list of all contracts, bids, or offers to contract with the city during the preceding year, including those made through a proprietorship, partnership, or corporation in which the filer or an immediate family member, or a combination of them, holds a controlling interest. [Ord. 19-19 § 2, 2019; Ord. 13-04 § 2.]