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Budgetary control is exercised at the departmental level. The city manager may approve intradepartmental transfers of appropriated funds not directed to personnel services and only to the extent such transfers do not exceed twelve thousand five hundred dollars ($12,500). Any supplemental appropriations that amend the total budgeted expenditures of any department and all interdepartmental transfers of appropriated funds shall be by ordinance. The request for any supplemental appropriation shall be submitted to the council as soon as the city manager becomes aware that the total expenditure for any line item has exceeded or is planned to exceed the budgeted expenditure for that line item by twelve thousand five hundred dollars ($12,500). The city manager must notify council of any line item transfer within a department in an amount equal to or greater than five thousand dollars ($5,000), but less than twelve thousand five hundred dollars ($12,500). [Ord. 20-35 § 2, 2020; Ord. 17-43 § 2; Ord. 04-05 § 2; Ord. 161 § 2, 1985.]