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A. In order to prevent evasion of the sales tax and to aid in its administration, it is presumed that all sales by a person engaging in business are subject to the sales tax; and

B. There is levied by the city a sales tax on all retail sales, services and rentals which commence within the city, or which are in any part rendered, supplied or provided within the city, except as expressly provided otherwise in this chapter.

C. A sales tax applies to all real property within the city that is either rented or sold. The tax applies to commissions on the sale or rental of real property, on the rental of real property, and as limited in BMC 4.16.160, on the sale of real property. The tax applies regardless of whether the seller, buyer, renter, lessee or tenant resides within or outside the city of Bethel.

D. For the purposes of this section, any building or other place of business shall be considered to be within the city if any part thereof or any substantial part of a contiguous parking area or other supporting facility is within the city.

E. For purposes of this chapter, the sales price or purchase price of property must be determined as of the time of acquisition.

F. For purposes of this chapter, a sale of services occurs at the time the services are provided.

G. Remote sales, marketplace facilitators and remote sellers as defined in Chapter 4.16A BMC shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 4.16A BMC. [Ord. 20-06 § 2, 2020; Ord. 17-39 § 2.]