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Article IV. Awards
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A contract awarded under this chapter shall be made only to a qualified, responsive and responsible bidder or proposer. The purchasing agent shall determine, after consultation with the appropriate department director and the city manager, whether a bidder/proposer is qualified, responsive and responsible on the basis of the following criteria:

A. The skill and experience demonstrated by the bidder in performing contracts of a similar nature;

B. The bidder’s capacity to perform in terms of facilities, personnel, financing and location (including whether the bidder/proposer has performed contracts of a similar nature);

C. The bidder’s/proposer’s past performance under city contracts. If the bidder/proposer has failed in any material way to perform its obligations under any contract with the city, the bidder/proposer may be deemed a nonresponsible bidder/proposer;

D. At all times the best interests of the city shall be recognized in awarding bids/proposals. [Ord. 14-27 § 4.]