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A. Contracts shall be awarded by written notice issued by the purchasing agent to the lowest qualified, responsive and responsible bidder or proposer.

B. At least seven (7) business days before council approval, the purchasing agent shall send written notice of intent to award the contract. Notice will be sent by to the three (3) lowest bidders/proposers.

C. If the lowest qualified, responsive and responsible bid/proposal exceeds the amount of funds certified by the purchasing agent to be available for the procurement, and if sufficient additional funds are not made available, the scope of the procurement may be reduced to bring its estimated cost within the amount of available funds. The purchasing agent shall issue a new invitation for bids/proposals for the reduced procurement, or, upon finding that the efficient operation of the city government requires that the contract be awarded without delay, the purchasing agent may negotiate with the three (3) lowest qualified, responsive and responsible bidders starting with the first lowest and progressing upward by price or with the three (3) most qualified proposers starting with the highest scored proposer and progressing downward by score; and may award, or recommend to the city council for award, the reduced contract to the best negotiated bid/proposal, except where prohibited by state and federal grant conditions or where another procedure has been specified in this chapter. [Ord. 14-27 § 4.]