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Contract amendments shall not be used to avoid procurement by the competitive procedures established under this chapter. Contracts for supplies, services, professional services and construction may be amended by the city manager only for the following reasons:

A. To change the quantity of supplies ordered or date of delivery under a contract for supplies, where necessary to meet unforeseen city requirements;

B. To change the quantity of services or professional services to be rendered or to change the scope of a project under a contract for services or professional services, where necessary to meet unforeseen changes in city requirements;

C. To change the scope of a project or the scope of services or professional services under a construction contract to meet unforeseen city requirements or to change the specifications under a construction contract because unforeseen conditions render the original specifications impracticable;

D. To change the time for completing a project under a contract for services, professional services or construction;

E. To correct an error in contract specifications made by the city in good faith or to resolve a good faith dispute between the city and a contractor as to a party’s rights and obligations under the contract; or

F. To change administrative provisions of a contract without materially altering the contract terms governing the quantity or quality of supplies, services, professional services or construction furnished to the city.

G. No contact amendment or change order that will cause the total value of the contract to increase by more than fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) may be executed unless the council has approved a memorandum setting forth the essential terms of the amendment or change order request.

H. No contract amendment that will increase the contract price may be approved or executed unless the finance director has certified that funds are available for the city’s performance under the contract as amended. [Ord. 20-24 § 2, 2020; Ord. 14-27 § 4.]