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A. Prior council approval by action memorandum is required before contracts for the following can be sought:

1. All contracts over five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000);

2. Supply contracts over five thousand dollars ($5,000);

3. Services, other than professional services, over fifty thousand dollars ($50,000);

4. Insurance contracts over two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000);

5. Professional service contracts over two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000); and

6. Legal services over thirty thousand dollars ($30,000).

B. No contract under subsection A of this section shall be authorized unless the following essential terms of the contract are identified:

1. The identity of the selected contractor and all contractors contacted;

2. The contract price;

3. The nature and quantity of the performance that the city shall receive under the contract;

4. The using department; and

5. The time for performance under the contract.

C. Prior council approval by action memorandum is required before contract renewals or extensions are executed if the contract terms fall within the scope of subsection A of this section.

D. If contracts are awarded to more than one (1) bidder pursuant to an invitation for bids, contracts with different bidders shall be considered together for purposes of determining the application of subsection A of this section. If any contract to be awarded under a given bid is subject to council approval, the award of other contracts pursuant to the same invitation for bids may, at the discretion of the purchasing officer, be delayed pending council approval.

E. No grant to a governmental or quasi-governmental agency or to a private nonprofit corporation for any amount may be issued unless the council has approved a memorandum setting forth:

1. The identity of the grantee;

2. The grant amount;

3. The purpose to which grant funds are to be devoted; and

4. The department charged with administration of the grant.

F. No contractor may provide supplies, services, professional services, or construction to the city before the applicable requirements of this section are first satisfied.

G. Council approval via action memorandum as described in this section constitutes authorization for the city manager to execute the contract described in the memorandum.

H. Regardless of the amount involved, all contracts for professional lobbying services must be approved in advance by the council. [Ord. 20-24 § 2, 2020; Ord. 14-27 § 4.]