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Article II. Purchasing Agent
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A. The finance director or their designee shall serve as the purchasing agent.

B. The purchasing agent shall have the following authority and responsibilities:

1. To procure or supervise the procurements of all supplies, services and construction required by the city;

2. To administer or supervise the sale, trade or other disposal of surplus supplies belonging to the city;

3. To join with other units of government in cooperative purchasing ventures where the best interest of the city would be served thereby;

4. To maintain all records pertaining to the procurement of supplies, services and construction, and the disposal of supplies, by the city in accordance with the city’s most recent retention schedule or the retention schedule for the funding source, whichever is later;

5. To prescribe the time, manner, authentication and form of making requisitions for supplies and services; and

6. Any other authorities and responsibilities which this chapter assigns to the purchasing agent.

7. The city manager may delegate authority, in writing, to a department head, to purchase certain supplies, services, or construction if such delegation is deemed necessary for the effective procurement of those items, provided such obligation does not exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000).

8. When faced with an especially complex procurement, such as a complex construction project, the city may find it necessary to temporarily appoint a highly qualified construction management professional as construction procurement officer for that project. As an alternative, the city may choose to contract for the services of a construction management firm to oversee all phases of the project. As a city contractor, this firm shall be closely supervised in its performance by the purchasing agent or other city official as the city manager deems appropriate. In selecting and utilizing such a project management firm, the city will ensure that the contractors providing this management function are independent of those contractors providing construction or other project services to the city. Consistent oversight will be essential for the successful completion of such complex construction projects. [Ord. 14-27 § 4.]