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Article III. Source Selection
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Unless otherwise authorized under this chapter or other provision of law, all city contracts for supplies, services (excluding professional services), and construction shall be awarded by competitive sealed bidding.

A. The purchasing agent shall initiate competitive bidding by issuing an invitation for bids. The invitation for bids shall be prepared by the using department and shall state, or incorporate by reference, all specifications and contractual terms and conditions applicable to the procurement.

B. Bids shall be opened publicly in the presence of one (1) or more city witnesses at the time and place designated in the invitation for bids. The purchasing agent shall tabulate the amount of each bid and shall record such other information as may be necessary or desirable for evaluation together with the name of each bidder. The tabulation shall be open to public inspection, and a copy of the tabulation shall be furnished to each bidder upon request. Any bidder may review the bids after tabulation or summary.

C. Bids shall be accepted unconditionally without alteration or correction. For purposes of determining the low bidder and the responsiveness of bids, no criteria except those set forth in the invitation for bids, including all specifications and addenda, may be used. [Ord. 14-27 § 4.]