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Article VII. Bid Protests and Appeals
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A. The city establishes these administrative review procedures for bid/procurement protests to promote the fair and efficient resolution of such disputes over contracts awarded by the city pursuant to the provisions of this chapter regarding bids and requests for proposals. Time is of the essence in any protest. All documents the city issues shall be deemed to contain language advising bidders/proposers of the right to protest the determination of the successful bid/proposal as set out in this section.

B. An interested party may protest the intended award of a contract or a solicitation of supplies or services by filing a written protest with the purchasing agent.

C. All protests must include the following information:

1. The name, address, and telephone number and continuously operating fax number of the interested party filing the protest;

2. The signature of the interested party or the interested party’s authorized representative;

3. Identification of the invitation, request or proposed award at issue;

4. A detailed statement of the legal or factual grounds for the protest;

5. Copies of all relevant documents;

6. The form of relief requested;

7. Certification under oath that the claim is made in good faith and that the supporting data are accurate and complete to the best of the bidder’s/protester’s knowledge and belief; and

8. A fee in the amount listed in the most current city of Bethel schedule of rates. Charges and fees shall be paid to the city and must be received by the deadline for filing the written protest. This fee shall be refundable if the appellant prevails in the protest to the city manager or city council.

D. The purchasing agent shall reject an untimely or incomplete protest or a protest filed without timely payment of the required fee. Such rejection shall be final and may be appealed to the Superior Court pursuant to Part VI of the Rules of Appellate Procedure. [Ord. 14-27 § 4.]