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For the collection, removal and disposal of residential/nonresidential/commercial garbage, rubbish and waste materials within the city, the following charges shall be made:

A. Residential/churches/nonresidential/commercial scheduled rates:

1. Residential and church service:

Frequency of Service


Monthly flat rate


2. Nonresidential service:

Frequency of Service


Monthly flat rate


3. Commercial service:

Frequency of Service


Four-yard dumpster


Six-yard dumpster


Eight-yard dumpster


Commercial monthly flat rate without dumpster


B. Residential/commercial on-call rates:

Residential services

$13.06 per call

Commercial services

$66.00 per call

C. Public use of the municipal landfill:

Frequency of Service


Four cubic yards or less per day


More than four cubic yards

$10.00 per cubic yard

The landfill, subject to approval by the city council, shall establish and may periodically adjust additional rates, charges, and fees for the use of the landfill, including, but not limited to, rates, charges and fees for dumping oil, glycol, and oversized items. [Ord. 19-22 § 2, 2019; Ord. 12-02 § 2; Ord. 09-22 § 2; Ord. 09-14 § 2; Ord. 04-28 § 2; Ord. 04-06 § 5; Ord. 04-03 § 5; Ord. 01-09 § 9; Ord. 96-29 § 3; Modification 1 of Ord. 85 § 1, 1979; prior code § 11.16.010.]

* Code reviser’s note: This section restores the solid waste collection provisions formerly in Section 13.16.010 that were inadvertently omitted by the amendments of Ord. 14-12 when it added a new Section 13.16.010 concerning definitions.