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Number Description Action Date Disposition
AM 20-66 Approve modification to the City’s Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Budget and Spending Plan such that $200,000 is added to the Bethel Community Services Foundation Charities line item and authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute an amendment to the current contract with BCSF for BCSF to administer the funds and charge the City a fee for services rendered 12/22/2020 Special
AM 20-65 Direct City Administration to complete one or more grant applications for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds to pay costs associated with quarantine lodging and food distribution resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic emergency 12/22/2020 Special
AM 20-64 Authorizing Administration to negotiate and execute a contract with Questca to purchase budgeting performance software 12/22/2020 Special
AM 20-63 Approval of urgent contract amendments with Tec Pro, Ltd regarding the Lift Station Controls Improvement Project 12/22/2020 Special
AM 20-62 Approving the Regular City Council meeting dates for 2021 12/22/2020 Special
AM 20-61 Re-appointment of Committee and Commission Members for a term of three years. If approved for re-appointment, the new term will be from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023 12/22/2020 Special
AM 20-60 Authorize administration to distribute funds to Bethel Community Services Foundation to support the outstanding funding requests of the Round Two Business Recovery Grant Program, the Individual Assistance Program and the Non-Profit Grant Program, contingent on the December 30, 2020 expiration of the CARES Act Grant not being extended 12/8/2020 Special
AM 20-59 Council authorization to administration to begin work on conveyance of city property, the current site of the ONC Multi-Purpose Building (Plat 71-425, Tract A Block 9), to ONC 12/8/2020 Special
AM 20-58 Direct city administration to negotiate and execute an agreement with Myers Farm for the purchase of up to 2,890 boxes of produce at a cost of up to $130,050 using CARES Act funds, and then distribute the food free to those in need 12/8/2020 Special
AM 20-57 Direct administration to prepare and submit an FY 2022 Public Transit (5311) Grant application to fund the operation of the Bethel Transit System with up to $85,000 in local cash match from the city’s FY 2022 budget 12/8/2020 Special
AM 20-56 Authorize and approve city administration to issue checks totaling $35,237.47 to Year 3, Quarter 3 and 4 Community Action Grant awardees based on the Community Action Grant Technical Review Board’s (CAGTRB) work on scoring applications and deciding how much to award each applicant 12/8/2020 Special
Res. 20-19 Submits victim impact statement to United States Attorney's Office 12/8/2020 Special
AM 20-55 Authorizing the city manager to negotiate and execute a contract with Company A to implement a hauled utilities digitization solution for the city of Bethel 11/24/2020 Special
Ord. 20-36 Amends Ord. 20-33, COVID-19 rules and procedures 11/24/2020 Special
Ord. 20-35 Amends § 4.04.080, budgetary control 11/24/2020 Codified
AM 20-54 Appointment of committee/commission/board members 11/10/2020 Special
Res. 20-18 Immediate measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 10/27/2020 Special
Res. 20-17 Extends Res. 20-13, public health emergency 10/27/2020 Special
Ord. 20-34 Extends Ord. 20-27, mandate that masks or similar face coverings be worn in public in indoor and indoor-adjacent spaces, and under certain conditions in outdoor spaces, during the COVID-19 public health emergency 10/27/2020 Special
Ord. 20-33 Extends Ord. 20-26, COVID-19 rules and procedures 10/27/2020 Special
Ord. 20-32 Extends declaration of emergency 10/27/2020 Special
AM 20-53 Accept and approve the Alaska Community Transit reimbursable grant award in the amount of $731,328 and direct the acting city manager to sign the related grant agreement 10/27/2020 Special
AM 20-52 Approve modification to Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act budget and spending plan and authorize the city manager to modify it as needed to ensure timely expenditure of CARES Act funds 10/19/2020 Special
AM 20-51 Accepting the resignation of council member Cece Franko effective October 31, 2020 and confirming the process for the council’s consideration of qualified candidates to fill the vacancy 10/13/2020 Special
AM 20-50 Allowing the city manager to negotiate and execute a purchase agreement with Yukon Equipment Inc. for an all-in-one heat/power/lighting plant on a trailer 10/13/2020 Special