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Number Description Action Date Disposition
AM 21-27 City Bulk Fuel Contract Extension No. 2 With Delta Western, Inc. 8/24/2021 Special
AM 21-26 Direct Administration to negotiate and execute a contract with Caselle, Inc. to purchase financial and accounting software and services 8/26/2021 Special
AM 21-25 Approve City of Bethel’s Budget for the first tranche (payment) of the Coronovirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds that will be provided to the City on or before August 26, 2021 and authorize City Manager to modify it as needed to meet evolving needs brought about by the pandemic 8/24/2021 Special
Res. 21-15 Encourages federal pathway to citizenship for dreamers, temporary protected status holders, essential workers, and their families in economic recovery or other relevant legislation 8/10/2021 Special
Ord. 21-43 Temporarily exempts § 13.04.290 to prevent water shutoff for nonpayment 8/24/2021 Special
Ord. 21-42 Amends § 18.48.190, disabled parking standards 8/24/2021 Codified
Ord. 21-41 Temporarily exempts § 13.04.290 to prevent water shutoff for nonpayment 8/10/2021 Special
Ord. 21-40 Mandate that masks or similar face coverings be worn in public in indoor and indoor-adjacent spaces, and under certain conditions in outdoor spaces, during the COVID-19 public health emergency 8/10/2021 Special
Ord. 21-39 Extends Ord. 21-31, testing and quarantine mandates and exemptions 8/10/2021 Special
Ord. 21-38 Extends declaration of emergency caused by COVID-19 pandemic 8/10/2021 Special
Ord. 21-37 Adds § 18.32.090; amends §§ 16.12.030, 18.32.010, 18.32.020 and 18.32.030, bed and breakfast homestays 8/24/2021 Codified
Ord. 21-36 Extends and amends emergency ordinances 20-27, 20-34, 20-38, 21-03, 21-10, 21-17 and 21-25, establishing a mandate within the city of bethel that masks or similar face coverings be worn under certain conditions 7/13/2021 Special
AM 21-24 Direct Administration to negotiate and execute a Lease Agreement between the City of Bethel and Alaska Marine Lines for the unimproved warehouse building located on the City Dock 8/10/2021 Special
AM 21-23 Direct City Administration to prepare a letter to the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) expressing the City’s approval of the State’s alternative design for the Akakeek, Ptarmigan, and Delapp Streets-Heavy Use Road Improvement Project 8/10/2021 Special
Res. 21-14 Support for power cost equalization program funding and fulfillment of pledge made to rural Alaskans 7/27/2021 Special
AM 21-22 City of Bethel Voluntary Junk Vehicle Removal Program 7/27/2021 Special
AM 21-21 Action Memorandum Allowing the City Manager to Negotiate and Execute a Contract with Alaska Communications to procure Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Internet Services 7/27/2021 Special
Ord. 21-35 Authorizes acquisition of utility easement 7/27/2021 Special
Ord. 21-34 Adds § 1.02.040; amends §§ 3.16.010, 3.64.030, 4.20.050 and 14.01.080, discrimination and harassment policy 7/27/2021 Codified
Ord. 21-33 Establishes FY 2022 capital improvement project budget 7/13/2021 Special
AM 21-20 Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute two agreements with the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and make the following financial contributions: (1) $112,000 to the UAF Cooperative Extension 4-H Program, and (2) $72,600 to the Kuskokwim Consortium Library. 7/13/2021 Special
AM 21-19 Appointment of Committee/Commission/Board members. Fritz T. Charles- Public Works Committee. Ron Reardon- Public Works Committee. 7/13/2021 Special
AM 21-18 Direct City Administration to pursue funding from the Alaska State Revolving Loan Fund Program to pay part of the cost of the community-wide system expansion preliminary engineering report and environmental assessment. 7/13/2021 Special
Res. 21-13 Acceptance of coronavirus local fiscal recovery funds 6/29/2021 Special
Ord. 21-32 Temporarily exempts § 13.04.290 to prevent water shutoff for nonpayment 6/22/2021 Special