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Number Description Action Date Disposition
AM 22-16 Appointment of Committee and Commission Members for a term of three years. 5/24/2022 Special
Ord. 22-19 Establishes pay grade, job titles, and compensation plan for non-union represented city employees 5/24/2022 Special
AM 22-15 Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and enter into a Contract with Labor Negotiator to Assist With Collective Bargaining Agreement with City Union; Procurement Waiver. 5/10/2022 Special
Ord. 22-18 Amends land use map 5/10/2022 Special
Ord. 22-17 Adds Chs. 18.70 and 18.75; repeals Chs. 18.68 and 18.72, appeals of planning decisions 5/10/2022 Codified
Ord. 22-16 Disposal of property 6/14/2022 Special
Ord. 22-15 Disposal of property 6/14/2022 Special
Ord. 22-14 Disposal of property 6/14/2022 Special
Ord. 22-13 Reacquisition of property 5/10/2022 Special
Res. 22-05 Protests issuance of restaurant eating place license Not introduced
Res. 22-04 Protests issuance of retail marijuana license Not introduced
Ord. 22-12 Fees and charges 4/26/2022 Special
Ord. 22-11 Amends Ch. 5.10, marijuana regulation Not introduced
Ord. 22-10 Extends declaration of emergency caused by COVID-19 pandemic Not introduced
AM 22-14 Direct Administration to negotiate and execute an Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) five-year contract with the engineer firm awarded the highest points by the City’s review team. 4/26/2022 Special
Ord. 22-09 Amends § 1.01.120, supplements to code 4/12/2022 Codified
AM 22-13 Approving the special meeting dates and times for the City Council to Review and Amend the City Manager’s Proposed Fiscal Year 2023 Budget. 4/12/2022 Special
AM 22-12 Authorize and direct City Administration to issue checks not to exceed $38,820 to Year 5, Quarter 1 Community Action Grant (CAG) awardees based on the recommendation of the Community Action Grant Committee. 4/12/2022 Special
AM 22-11 Re-appointment of Committee Members for a term of three years effective February 1, 2022. 4/12/2022 Special
AM 22-10 Appointment of Committee and Commission Members for a term of three years. 4/12/2022 Special
AM 22-09 Confirming Duane Wright as the Finance Director. 3/22/2022 Special
AM 22-08 Appointment of Committee and Commission Members for a term of three years. 3/22/2022 Special
Res. 22-03 Recommending that masks be worn in indoor public places when the community has high COVID-19 transmission rates 2/22/2022 Special
Res. 22-02 Responding to the COVID-19 public health emergency and updating standards for public participation for the city's public meetings 1/25/2022 Special
Res. 22-01 Providing for temporary exemption to the mask mandate for varsity players during game play at the Donlin Gold Basketball Tournament Does not carry