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Action Memorandum
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Number Description Action Date Disposition
AM 20-48 Accept and approve the 2020 State Homeland Security Program Grant Award in the amount of $255,783.50 and direct the acting city manager to sign the related grant agreement 9/22/2020 Special
AM 20-47 Direct administration to begin working on acquiring easements for the connection of a gravel 12-foot walking trail connecting city subdivision to the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation and to plan for project execution the summer of 2021 and to engage with other agencies such as AVCP, ONC and YKHC to identify partnership opportunities 9/22/2020 Special
AM 20-46 Direct administration to negotiate and execute a memorandum of agreement with the State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities for the Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) 2020-2023 9/22/2020 Special
AM 20-45 Authorizing the city manager to negotiate and execute a contract with Wolverine Supply, Inc. for City Hall improvements 9/22/2020 Special
AM 20-44 Authorizing the city manager to negotiate and execute a professional services agreement with Wolverine Supply, Inc. for emergency repairs to the YK Fitness Center 9/8/2020 Special
AM 20-43 Authorizing the acting city manager to negotiate and execute a lease agreement with Bethel Broadcasting, Inc., d/b/a KYUK, to utilize KYUK’s tower space for its public safety paging and radio system antennas 9/8/2020 Special
AM 20-42 Appointment of committee/commission/board members 9/8/2020 Special
AM 20-41 Authorizing the acting city manager to negotiate and execute agreements with Altman Rogers and Co. Certified Public Accountants and Kimberly K. Geariety, Attorney 8/26/2020 Special
AM 20-40 Approve a change in the city of Bethel CARES Act Budget and Spending Plan and Memorandum of Agreement between the city and Bethel Community Services Foundation (BCSF) such that $500,000 in additional CARES Act funds are distributed to BCSF to bolster their mission to support Bethel nonprofit organizations and related causes 8/25/2020 Special
AM 20-39 Authorizing a waiver to permit administration to hire Leif Albertson, as a contractor or consultant to act as the emergency operations director in the city’s emergency operations center 8/25/2020 Special
AM 20-38 Refer, to the planning commission, the review and prioritization of hazards and nuisance properties for municipal action 8/25/2020 Special
AM 20-37 Allow Leif Albertson, former Bethel city council member, to be employed as a hired consultant and do business with the city of Bethel per BMC 2.05.190 8/11/2020 Not adopted
AM 20-36 Authorize and approve city administration to issue checks totaling $3,396 to Year 3, Quarter 2 community action grant awardees based on the community action grant technical review board’s (CAGTRB) work on scoring applications and deciding how much to award each applicant 7/28/2020 Special
AM 20-35 Authorizing the city manager to negotiate and execute a purchase agreement with JC Enterprises for a 20-foot boat and trailer for use in sewage lagoon operations 7/28/2020 Special
AM 20-34 Appointment of committee/commission/board member, Melanie Fredericks – Public safety and transportation commission 7/28/2020 Special
AM 20-33 Authorizing and directing the city manager to release a request for proposals for professional services to perform the full range of services related to an employee classification and compensation study for the city of Bethel 7/28/2020 Special
AM 20-32 Allowing the city manager to negotiate and execute a five‐year contract with Company A for auditing services 7/28/2020 Special
AM 20-31 Allowing the city manager to negotiate and execute a purchase agreement with DXP/Alaska Pump and Supply, Inc. for a sewage lagoon pump 7/28/2020 Special
AM 20-30 Sole source approval for NC Machinery regarding equipment germane to gravel road maintenance 7/28/2020 Special
AM 20-29 Approves Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Budget and Spending Plan prepared by City Manager and authorizes City Manager to modify it as needed to ensure timely expenditure of CARES Act funds 7/14/2020
AM 20-28 Directs Administration to begin discussions with Bethel Winter House, for the transfer of the building known as “Old Senior Center,” through sale or otherwise and the transfer of the property located at 127 Atsaq Street through long term lease in accordance with Bethel Municipal Code 4.08 under the disposal option 4.08.030 B, Disposal to Entity Providing Necessary Public Service 7/14/2020
AM 20-27 Authorizes Administration to waive fees associated with the disposal of vehicles for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days 7/14/2020
AM 20-26 Appointment of Committee/Commission/Board members 7/14/2020
AM 20-25 Authorizes the City Manager to negotiate and execute a contract renewal with Health Fitness for an additional two (2) years of professional services managing the Health Facility 6/23/2020
AM 20-24 Authorizes the City Manager to negotiate and execute an agreement with the University of Alaska to authorize the financial contributions to the University of Alaska Cooperative Extension 4-H Program 6/23/2020