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Action Memorandum
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Number Description Action Date Disposition
AM 21-27 City Bulk Fuel Contract Extension No. 2 With Delta Western, Inc. 8/24/2021 Special
AM 21-26 Direct Administration to negotiate and execute a contract with Caselle, Inc. to purchase financial and accounting software and services 8/26/2021 Special
AM 21-25 Approve City of Bethel’s Budget for the first tranche (payment) of the Coronovirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds that will be provided to the City on or before August 26, 2021 and authorize City Manager to modify it as needed to meet evolving needs brought about by the pandemic 8/24/2021 Special
AM 21-24 Direct Administration to negotiate and execute a Lease Agreement between the City of Bethel and Alaska Marine Lines for the unimproved warehouse building located on the City Dock 8/10/2021 Special
AM 21-23 Direct City Administration to prepare a letter to the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) expressing the City’s approval of the State’s alternative design for the Akakeek, Ptarmigan, and Delapp Streets-Heavy Use Road Improvement Project 8/10/2021 Special
AM 21-22 City of Bethel Voluntary Junk Vehicle Removal Program 7/27/2021 Special
AM 21-21 Action Memorandum Allowing the City Manager to Negotiate and Execute a Contract with Alaska Communications to procure Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Internet Services 7/27/2021 Special
AM 21-20 Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute two agreements with the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and make the following financial contributions: (1) $112,000 to the UAF Cooperative Extension 4-H Program, and (2) $72,600 to the Kuskokwim Consortium Library. 7/13/2021 Special
AM 21-19 Appointment of Committee/Commission/Board members. Fritz T. Charles- Public Works Committee. Ron Reardon- Public Works Committee. 7/13/2021 Special
AM 21-18 Direct City Administration to pursue funding from the Alaska State Revolving Loan Fund Program to pay part of the cost of the community-wide system expansion preliminary engineering report and environmental assessment. 7/13/2021 Special
AM 21-17 Direct City Administration to establish an interest-bearing account for Community Action Grant Program funds, in which 20% of City-collected alcohol taxes are deposited at least quarterly, including amounts owed to the fund since its intended inception on November 25, 2017. 6/22/2021 Special
AM 21-16 Approve 2021 Local Chamber/Community Organization Vaccination Incentive Grant in the amount of $45,000 from the Alaska Chamber of Commerce and Alaska Department of Health and Social Services and direct City Manager to sign grant documents. 6/8/2021 Special
AM 21-15 Direct Administration to negotiate and execute an Agreement for Finance and Accounting Services with the company that received the highest average score from the three-person review team. 6/8/2021 Special
AM 21-14 Purchase of Axon BODY-2 body cameras and accessories with grant. 6/8/2021 Special
AM 21-13 Appointment of Committee/Commission/Board members. Jessica Schroeder-Planning Commission. 6/8/2021 Special
AM 21-12 Appointment of Committee/Commission/Board members. John Jordan II- Public Works Committee. 5/25/2021 Special
AM 21-11 Authorizing the relocation of City of Bethel public meetings from City Hall, 300 Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway to the ONC Multi-Purpose Building. 5/25/2021 Special
AM 21-10 Direct Administration to negotiate and execute a three-year contract between the City of Bethel and the company whose proposal scored the highest number of points for marine transportation services. BMC Section 4.20.040 prevents the revelation of the company name until after City council approves the contract award. 5/11/2021 Special
AM 21-09 Direct Administration to sign Memorandum of Agreement Between State of Alaska and City of Bethel containing grant terms and conditions allowing the City to receive up to $284,729.75 to support COVID-19 vaccine administration, testing, and other COVID-19 related activities. 4/27/2021 Special
AM 21-08 Purchase of Axon TASER conducted energy weapons 4/27/2021 Special
AM 21-07 Authorize and direct City Administration to issue checks totaling $101,474.93 to Year 4, Quarter 1 Community Action Grant awardees based on the Community Action Grant Technical Review Board’s (CAGTRB) work on scoring applications and deciding how much to award each applicant. 4/13/2021 Special
AM 21-06 Refer to the Public Safety and Transportation Commission the evaluation and development of a full-time position within the Police Department for animal control 2/23/2021 Special
AM 21-05 Declaring two seats vacant on the Finance Committee per BMC 2.52.070.c and appointment of Committee/Commission/Board Members Mary Beth Hessler- Port Commission and Public Safety and Transportation Commission and Finance Committee. James Platts-Board of Ethics. Farah Sears- Finance Committee. Carol Ann Willard-Finance Committee. John Hamilton- Finance Committee. Michael Meeks- Port Commission. 2/9/2021 Special
AM 21-04 Direct Administration to pursue FFY 2021 State Homeland Security Grant funding to assist the City in preparedness activities (planning, equipment, training, and exercise) that address identified gaps or capability targets where a connection to terrorism and natural disasters exists 1/26/2021 Special
AM 21-03 Authorizing the continued development of solutions and associated actions related to the City of Bethel Operational Goals and Priorities 1/26/2021 Special