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Action Memorandum
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Number Description Action Date Disposition
AM 20-22 Directs Administration to negotiate and execute an agreement with Bethel Community Services Foundation for the use of funds from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) 6/9/2020 None
AM 20-21 Directs Administration to change the scope of work in the contract the City of Bethel has with TecPro Ltd. for lift station rehabilitation and electric panel development to include additional lift station upgrades 5/26/2020 None
AM 20-20 Directs Administration to use the $1,500,000 appropriated in the FY 2020 Budget for City Hall Roof Repair/Replacement to hire a contractor to complete the following City Hall modifications: repair/replace the roof, replace the boiler and furnace, replace the water heater, and other renovations as deemed necessary 5/26/2020 None
AM 20-19 Directs Administration to negotiate and execute a construction agreement with Wolverine Supply, Inc. to complete the Public Works facility floor and foundation structural improvements 5/26/2020 None
AM 20-18 Directs Administration and the City Clerk’s Office to prepare for and organize a City Council Retreat for June 18, 2020 to begin at 6:00 p.m. 5/26/2020 None
AM 20-17 Appointment of Committee/Commission/Board members 5/26/2020 None
AM 20-16 Authorizes and confirms the allocation of $140,000 in the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget for the Chief of Police Salary line item 5/6/2020 None
AM 20-15 Directs Administration to negotiate and execute a service agreement with Company A selected by the proposal review committee to provide remote technical (IT) support services to the City of Bethel over a five-year period 5/12/2020 None
AM 20-14 Directs Administration to revise the Bethel Municipal Code sections regulating taxicab operations in Bethel to use government-inspected meters and require a one-call per ride system 5/12/2020 Not adopted
AM 20-13 Appointment of Committee/Commission/Board members 5/12/2020 None
AM 20-12 Appointment of Committee/Commission/Board members 4/28/2020 None
AM 20-11 Authorizes and approves City Administration to issue checks totaling $37,199 to Year 3, Quarter 1 Community Action Grant awardees based on the Community Action Grant Technical Review Board’s (CAGTRB) work on scoring applications and deciding how much to award each applicant 3/24/2020 None
AM 20-10 Directs Administration to prepare and submit the FY 2021 Bethel Community Service Patrol grant application in the amount of $323,081 and contribute $32,308 of dispatch services as in-kind match 3/24/2020 None
AM 20-09 Appointment of Committee/Commission/Board members 3/10/2020 None
AM 20-08 Accepting the resignation of Council Member Fred Watson effective March 10, 2020 and confirm the process for the Council’s consideration of qualified candidates to fill the vacancy 3/10/2020 None
AM 20-07 Directs Administration to prepare and submit a 2020 COPS Hiring Program application to the U.S. Department of Justice, in partnership with the Lower Kuskokwim School District, to request $125,000 for one School Resource Officer position 2/25/2020 None
AM 20-06 Appointment of Committee/Commission/Board members 2/25/2020 None
AM 20-05 Allows Action Memorandums that authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute Lease Amendments and that authorize the City Manager to apply for Grants to fall on the consent agenda 2/25/2020 None
AM 20-04 Authorizes City Manager to negotiate and excute a Lease Amendment Number 15 with State of Alaska Department of Administration, Department of Law 2/11/2020 None
AM 20-03 Appointment of Committee/Commission/Board members 2/11/2020 None
AM 20-02 Directs Administration to pursue FY 2020 State Homeland Security Grant funding 1/28/2020 None
AM 20-01 Appointment of Committee/Commission/Board members 1/14/2020 None
AM 19-55 Sole Source Purchase Of Kenworth Brand Heavy Duty Trucks 2019 None
AM 19-54 Lease Agreement With Pitney Bowes, Inc. To Lease A Folding And Envelope Stuffing Machine 2019 None
AM 19-53 Approve Alaska Pump & Supply, Inc. as the sole source service provider for all pumps and related equipment 2019 None