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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 21-15 Encourages federal pathway to citizenship for dreamers, temporary protected status holders, essential workers, and their families in economic recovery or other relevant legislation 8/10/2021 Special
Res. 21-14 Support for power cost equalization program funding and fulfillment of pledge made to rural Alaskans 7/27/2021 Special
Res. 21-13 Acceptance of coronavirus local fiscal recovery funds 6/29/2021 Special
Res. 21-12 Provides consent to planning commission right-of-way vacation 6/22/2021 Special
Res. 21-11 Repeals and replaces Res. 21-10, standards for in-person participation at city meetings 6/22/2021 Special
Res. 21-10 Standards for in-person participation at city meetings 5/18/2021 Repealed by 21-11
Res. 21-09 Formally names unnamed municipal parks 5/11/2021 Special
Res. 21-08 Providing support of the Kuskokwim 300 Race Committee's application for a grant for the development and repair of trails and trail marking in the region 4/27/2021 Special
Res. 21-07 Authorizes consulting services for evaluation and improvement of investigation, processing and prosecution of reported sexual assault cases 4/13/2021 Special
Res. 21-06 Not adopted
Res. 21-05 Amends PERS agreement to remove city manager position 3/23/2021 Special
Res. 21-04 Standards and processes for Community Action Grant Program 3/23/2021 Special
Res. 21-03 Opposing the Tundra Ridge Road project and use of eminent domain 3/9/2021 Special
Res. 21-02 Supporting the Bethel Main Runway Reconstruction Project No. CFAPT00430 2/23/2021 Special
Res. 21-01 City of Bethel priorities for the SFY 2022 state of Alaska capital budget 1/12/2020 Special
Res. 20-19 Submits victim impact statement to United States Attorney's Office 12/8/2020 Special
Res. 20-18 Immediate measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 10/27/2020 Special
Res. 20-17 Extends Res. 20-13, public health emergency 10/27/2020 Special
Res. 20-15 Authorizes disposal of city water truck 10/13/2020 Special
Res. 20-14 Authorizes procurement of consulting services 9/8/2020 Special
Res. 20-13 In response to the public health emergency, requiring municipal meetings be held virtually until November 1, 2020, and providing for the issuance of vouchers to elected and appointed officials to compensate for their virtual connectivity 8/25/2020 Special
Res. 20-12 Formally naming municipal parks 8/25/2020 Special
Res. 20-11 Approve the city of Bethel business plan, August 2020 Update, for its water and sewer utilities 8/11/2020 Special
Res. 20-10 Establishing a policy within the city of Bethel that masks or similar face coverings be worn in public in indoor and indoor-adjacent spaces, and under certain conditions in outdoor spaces, during the COVID-19 public health emergency 7/28/2020 Special
Res. 20-09 Requesting the Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office prohibit sales of alcoholic beverages by means of curbside pickup and home delivery unless the sales are accompanied by the sale of a meal 7/28/2020 Special