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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 22-09 Disposal of seven heavy duty trucks valued at more than five thousand dollars each via public outcry auction 8/9/2022 Special
Res. 22-08 Amending regulations to effectuate a comprehensive system for the creation, acquisition, preservation and retention of city information contained in any record medium 8/9/2022 Special
Res. 22-07 Request for variance to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations so that Alaskans can complete some or all commercial driver’s license requirements in Bethel and other rural areas of Alaska 7/26/2022 Special
Res. 22-06 Authorizing application for and execution of a state revolving fund loan to retire the city’s USDA-RD sewer lagoon jetty project loan 6/14/2022 Special
Res. 22-05 Protests issuance of restaurant eating place license Not introduced
Res. 22-04 Protests issuance of retail marijuana license Not introduced
Res. 22-03 Recommending that masks be worn in indoor public places when the community has high COVID-19 transmission rates 2/22/2022 Special
Res. 22-02 Responding to the COVID-19 public health emergency and updating standards for public participation for the city's public meetings 1/25/2022 Special
Res. 22-01 Providing for temporary exemption to the mask mandate for varsity players during game play at the Donlin Gold Basketball Tournament Does not carry
Res. 21-22 Supporting the statewide transportation improvement program’s Tundra Ridge Road improvement project 12/14/2021 Special
Res. 21-21 Authorizing the application for and execution of two state revolving fund loans 12/14/2021 Special
Res. 21-20 Responding to the COVID-19 public health emergency, establishing standards for in-person participation at city meetings 11/9/2021 Special
Res. 21-19 Responding to the COVID-19 public health emergency, establishing standards for in-person participation at city meetings 10/26/2021 Special
Res. 21-18 Certifying the results of the October 5, 2021 regular city election 10/12/2021 Special
Res. 21-17 Priorities for the SFY 2023 state of Alaska capital budget 10/12/2021 Special
Res. 21-16 Establishing a standing procedure for the city manager, city attorney, and city clerk to request personal and administrative leave 10/12/2021 Special
Res. 21-15 Encourages federal pathway to citizenship for dreamers, temporary protected status holders, essential workers, and their families in economic recovery or other relevant legislation 8/10/2021 Special
Res. 21-14 Support for power cost equalization program funding and fulfillment of pledge made to rural Alaskans 7/27/2021 Special
Res. 21-13 Acceptance of coronavirus local fiscal recovery funds 6/29/2021 Special
Res. 21-12 Provides consent to planning commission right-of-way vacation 6/22/2021 Special
Res. 21-11 Repeals and replaces Res. 21-10, standards for in-person participation at city meetings 6/22/2021 Special
Res. 21-10 Standards for in-person participation at city meetings 5/18/2021 Repealed by 21-11
Res. 21-09 Formally names unnamed municipal parks 5/11/2021 Special
Res. 21-08 Providing support of the Kuskokwim 300 Race Committee's application for a grant for the development and repair of trails and trail marking in the region 4/27/2021 Special
Res. 21-07 Authorizes consulting services for evaluation and improvement of investigation, processing and prosecution of reported sexual assault cases 4/13/2021 Special