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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 20-19 Submits victim impact statement to United States Attorney's Office 12/8/2020 Special
Res. 20-18 Immediate measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 10/27/2020 Special
Res. 20-17 Extends Res. 20-13, public health emergency 10/27/2020 Special
Res. 20-15 Authorizes disposal of city water truck 10/13/2020 Special
Res. 20-14 Authorizes procurement of consulting services 9/8/2020 Special
Res. 20-13 In response to the public health emergency, requiring municipal meetings be held virtually until November 1, 2020, and providing for the issuance of vouchers to elected and appointed officials to compensate for their virtual connectivity 8/25/2020 Special
Res. 20-12 Formally naming municipal parks 8/25/2020 Special
Res. 20-11 Approve the city of Bethel business plan, August 2020 Update, for its water and sewer utilities 8/11/2020 Special
Res. 20-10 Establishing a policy within the city of Bethel that masks or similar face coverings be worn in public in indoor and indoor-adjacent spaces, and under certain conditions in outdoor spaces, during the COVID-19 public health emergency 7/28/2020 Special
Res. 20-09 Requesting the Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office prohibit sales of alcoholic beverages by means of curbside pickup and home delivery unless the sales are accompanied by the sale of a meal 7/28/2020 Special
Res. 20-08 Recommending funding of 4H youth and cooperative extension programs 7/14/2020 Special
Res. 20-07 Authorizes donation of city water truck to city of Kotzebue 7/14/2020 Special
Res. 20-06 Requesting that Alcohol Board prohibit alcohol sales through curbside pickup or delivery Not adopted
Res. 20-05 Approves and accepts CARES Act funding 6/9/2020 Special
Res. 20-04 Expands awareness of Rebecca Trimble’s threat of deportation 3/24/2020 Special
Res. 20-03 Establishes city council member travel policy 2/25/2020 Special
Res. 20-02 Authorizes city to join Alaska Remote Seller Sales Tax Commission 1/28/2020 Special
Res. 20-01 Waives administrative review timeline for license transfer and renewal 1/28/2020 Special
Res. 19-17 Community transportation program administration and maintenance funding commitment increase 12/16/2019 Special
Res. 19-16 Priorities for the FY 2021 state of Alaska capital budget 12/10/2019 Special
Res. 19-15 Certifies results of October 1, 2019, election 10/8/2019 Special
Res. 19-14 Protests the issuance of a marijuana retail license to Kusko Kush 10/8/2019 Special
Res. 19-13 Conditionally protests the issuance of a marijuana retail license to Alaskan Grown Cannabis 10/8/2019 Special
Res. 19-12 Authorizes administration to amend Public Employees Retirement System participation agreement 9/24/2019 Special
Res. 19-11 Approves the disposal of two fuel tanks through sale to LKSD 8/27/2019 Special