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A. All remote sellers or marketplace facilitators subject to this code shall file a return on a form or in a format prescribed by the Commission and shall pay the tax due.

B. Filings of sales tax returns are due monthly; quarterly filing is optional upon application and approval by the Commission, consistent with the code of the local jurisdiction.

C. A remote seller or marketplace facilitator who has filed a sales tax return will be presumed to be making sales in successive periods unless the remote seller or marketplace facilitator files a return showing a termination or sale of the business in accordance with this code.

D. The completed and executed return, together with the remittance in full for the tax due, shall be transmitted to and must be received by the Commission on or before midnight Alaska Standard Time on the due date. Monthly returns are due the last day of the immediate subsequent month. Quarterly returns are due as follows:

Quarter 1 (January – March)

April 30

Quarter 2 (April – June)

July 31

Quarter 3 (July – September)

October 31

Quarter 4 (October – December)

January 31

E. If the last day of the month following the end of the filing period falls on a Saturday, Sunday, federal holiday or Alaska state holiday, the due date will be extended until the next business day immediately following.

F. Any remote seller or marketplace facilitator holding a remote seller registration shall file a sales tax return even though no tax may be due. This return shall show why no tax is due. If the remote seller or marketplace facilitator intends to continue doing business a return shall be filed reflecting no sales and a confirmation of the intent to continue doing business and shall continue to do so each filing period until the entity ceases doing business or sells the business. If the remote seller or marketplace facilitator intends to cease doing business, a final return shall be filed along with a statement of business closure.

G. The remote seller or marketplace facilitator shall prepare the return and remit sales tax to the Commission on the same basis, cash or accrual, which the remote seller or marketplace facilitator uses in preparing its federal income tax return. The remote seller or marketplace facilitator shall sign the return, and transmit the return, with the amount of sales tax and any applicable penalty, interest or fees that it shows to be due, to the Commission.

H. Remote sellers and marketplace facilitators failing to comply with the provisions of this code shall, if required by the Commission and if quarterly filing has been chosen, file and transmit collected sales taxes more frequently until such time as they have demonstrated to the Commission that they are or will be able to comply with the provisions of this code. Six (6) consecutive on-time sales tax filings, with full remittance of the sales taxes collected, shall establish the presumption of compliance and return to quarterly filing.

I. The preparer of the sales tax return shall keep and maintain all documentation supporting any and all claims of exempted sales and purchases. Documentation for exempted sales should include the number of the exemption authorization card presented by the buyer at the time of the purchase; the date of the purchase; the name of the person making the purchase; the organization making the purchase; the total amount of the purchase; and the amount of sales tax exempted. This documentation shall be made available to the Commission upon request. Failure to provide such documentation may invalidate that portion of the claim of exemption for which no documentation is provided. [Ord. 20-06 § 3, 2020.]